International Nurses in BC


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If you are located in the Kootenay Region, some of these, (and some older resources), may be available for loan.

This book is used for NCLEX and NCAS examinations.

This book is used for NCLEX and NCAS examinations.

This book is used for NCLEX and NCAS examinations.

This book is a great all-round resource that is widely used in Canada. It contains foundational knowledge for RN practice in Canada.


We have over 1,000+ fun & visual nursing videos that focus on NCLEX key points. We’ve helped over 1,000,000 Nursing Students PASS their NCLEX® exams and graduate Nursing School.

We offer Study Guides, Lab and Drug Cards, Nursing Skills Review, and printable notes ready to use! Simple Nursing’s mentors cut the stress and confusion out of your studying with PROVEN teaching methods that guarantee understanding.

(All content is based on the actual NCLEX® curriculum standards).

Nurse Sarah provides NCLEX reviews, skills, school tips, & career help for students and nurses.

Nurse Sarah (BSN, RN) graduated from nursing school in 2009 with honors. She passed NCLEX on her first try & has worked as a bedside nurse in a variety of settings, including progressive care (PCU), telemetry, and medical-surgical. In addition, she has worked in non-invasive cardiology as a stress lab nurse and charge nurse.

Free education for nursing students struggling to understand. CASS RN strives to Learn. Teach. Inspire.

A collection of tutorials on all aspects of the content covered on the NCLEX-RN examinations.

A collection of OSCE Skills videos that can assist with NCAS training.


90-day online review course to help with NCLEX examinations.

Offers a collection of both free, and paid, nursing courses to help with NCLEX and NCAS examinations.

NCLEX practice questions, exams and reviews.

Sprott Shaw College offers a post-graduate nursing program for Internationally Educated Nurses to assist with the NCAS examinations.

Other Resources

The official NCAS website has a collection of resources to help you prepare for your NCAS assessment.

An examination cram sheet PDF for the NCLEX RN tests.

NCLEX scoring guide and pass rate data.

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