International Nurses in BC

Are you an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) who needs credentials in British Columbia?

Kootenay Employment Services is here to help! Let us tell you about our International Nurses in BC program.

What are we addressing?
A shortage of nurses is a large factor in contributing to the crisis in our healthcare system in this province. The 2022 BC Labour Market Outlook predicts over 20,000 openings province-wide over the next 10 years. The report also suggests that newcomers will play a big role in filling those positions. This means we need a smooth and streamlined process to get foreign credentials recognized and internationally educated nurses (IENs) working.
We know the process can be difficult!
The process of credential recognition is currently multi-pronged and navigating it can be challenging. There are some support programs available to assist newcomers with the credentialling process, but there are gaps in service, particularly in rural areas of BC.

How we help you achieve accreditation


You will get access to a library of resources, both physical and virtual. 


There will be financial supports available to participants as you are going through the credentialling process to help cover costs not already supported by other programs.

Want to know more?

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the program and how we can help you.