International Nurses in BC

About the Program

Dont be a hero, do what you can.

The International Credential Recognition Fund for Nurses in BC initiative is dedicated to addressing the critical shortage of nurses in British Columbia’s healthcare system. The province faces a significant challenge as the demand for nursing professionals continues to surpass availability, with over 20,000 job openings predicted over the next decade according to the 2022 BC Labour Market Outlook.

One of the key solutions to this issue lies in the integration of internationally educated nurses (IENs) into the workforce. The report indicates that newcomers, particularly those with international nursing credentials, will play a pivotal role in filling these positions. However, the current process for recognizing foreign credentials and assisting IENs in becoming part of the healthcare system can be complex and difficult to navigate.

Diverse medical healthcare staff team looking at digital tablet screen in modern professional clinic office. African american nurse comparing data with coworker in hospital workplace

Recognizing the need for a more streamlined and accessible pathway for IENs, our project focuses on creating a comprehensive and user-friendly toolkit. Our primary objective is to develop resources that aid IENs in efficiently navigating the system, whether they seek support from employment counsellors or choose to navigate the process independently.

The core components of our initiative include the development of two distinct documents: a step-by-step guide tailored for IENs trained in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the US, and another guide specifically designed for IENs trained in other countries. These guides aim to provide detailed instructions and necessary information to facilitate the recognition of their credentials in the BC healthcare system.


we are creating an interactive virtual process map to offer a visual and interactive tool to guide IENs through the complex process. Recognizing that resources are not equally accessible in all areas, especially rural regions, we are building a library of physical and virtual resources to ensure equitable support across the province.

Plus, we understand the financial burdens IENs may face during the credential recognition process. To alleviate this challenge, our project offers to direct you in the right direction to access financial supports.

Our commitment won't stop at providing resources!

We aim to continually update and evolve the documents to stay aligned with the ever-changing credentialing processes. Additionally, we’ll work to identify and address barriers unique to rural areas, with the ultimate goal of encouraging more Internationally Educated Nurses to pursue the recognition of their education in BC.

Join us in our mission to create a more accessible, supportive, and inviting environment for IENs in British Columbia. Together, we can bridge the gap between the demand for nurses and the incredible talent of internationally educated nurses seeking to contribute to our healthcare system.

Contact us now to become a part of this journey towards a more robust and inclusive healthcare workforce in BC.