International Nurses in BC

Credentialing Process in BC

The overall goal of the following flowchart is to aid in streamlining the process of an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN)’s journey to having their credentials recognized in British Columbia. 

Before You Begin

Prepare the following documentation before you begin the process:

  • 2 copies of government issued notarized ID
  • Complete Criminal Record checks from all countries of residence (original or notarized copy)
  • Ensure you have completed Refugee Status, a Canadian Work Permit Visa or have Permanent Residency before applying for KES** (and will be needed for testing on site later in process)

Be prepared to contact the following institutions to have information sent directly from the institute to a ‘process authority’: 

  • Registration Authority in your initial registration country
  • University where you completed your undergraduate degree
  • Any organizations you worked at to prove your total hours

Select Relevant Stream

Stream 1: Internationally Educated Nurse from any country (excluding: US, UK, New Zealand and Australia).

Step 1: Confirm Stream

If you have:

  • Graduated from an approved registered nurse (RN) nursing program in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States that led to your initial RN registration; AND
  • Within the last five years you graduated from that nursing program OR practiced 1,125 hours as a nurse (confirmed by your employer)

Then this is the stream for you! Read the following steps to begin your credentialing process. 

If not, refer to the other stream; Stream 2: Internationally Educated Nurse from: Any other country.

1. Create BCCNM Account and then confirm your BBCNM application.

2. Create NCAS Account: You need to complete the application form, and the consent/release agreement.

Once the account is created, then complete and upload the documentation. *Note: Once you upload the documents, they cannot be changed nor viewed.

Upload your notarized government issued, and valid (in date) identification to your NCAS Account. To have your ID documents notarized, you must visit a notary public or lawyer. Notarization enables NCAS to verify your ID and prevents misidentification.

Your primary ID must include your name, photo, date of birth, and signature.
Your secondary ID can be any ID from the list as outlined on the NCAS website.

If you have already taken your English Language Proficiency (ELP) test, you’ll need to request additional copies of your scores to be sent directly to NCAS.

If you have not completed your ELP yet, NCAS provides information on what is required, and where to complete the assessment.

Be sure to complete your ELP if you are ready to continue with the rest of the steps. Please see NCAS site (above) as proof options have varying maximum age limits to remain valid. 

You are going to need:

Alternate evidence documents of ELP (at least two are required):

  • Transcripts from a previously completed ELP in Canada
  • An Employer Reference Form
  • Confirmation of completed primary and secondary school in Canada

After you have submitted your application, a member of the Registration Services team will review your documents. You will be sent a detailed email with instructions on how to request information from your previous nursing employers and regulatory bodies. 

Forms must be sent to BCCNM directly from the employer or regulator, and must be completed in English. If the information is provided in another language, you must have the form notarized by a notary public or lawyer, and form must be translated by a certified translator.

Apply to have your chosen Credentialing Review company. We have compiled a list of agency options below:

*Note: Your results must go directly to NCAS and there may be additional cost requested from your university or tertiary education institution.

You will receive an invitation via email from NCAS to complete your:

  • Computer Based Assessment (CBA)
  • Simulation Lab Assessment (SLA)

You can sit your CBA in many countries worldwide, however your SLA must be done in person at Langara College in Vancouver.

You have 6 months to complete the assessments. To complete the SLA you must already have proof of entry into Canada (e.g., plane ticket booked) before they will schedule you. 

After you have completed the assessments, NCAS will gather your results and send you your performance reports. You can request a reconsideration of your SLA results if your performance report does not reflect your performance during the assessment.

If you are satisfied with your assessment results, NCAS will then combine your competency reports with your reviewed credential and language documents, and will send the entire package to the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM). The regulator will move forward immediately if you have already opened your application with them.

NCAS will then send you a confirmation email once your package has been sent to the regulator or the registry. ​

Proof of Employment: 

You will need to ask your current/previous employers to fill out a form to confirm:

  • Your position
  • Area of practice
  • Hours worked
  • The dates you were employed with the organization

BCCNM Registration Services will tell you which employer(s) you should request this information from and will give you a form that you can send to your employer.

Proof of Education/Confirmation from Regulatory Bodies: 

You will also need to contact the regulatory bodies/colleges in all the places you have been registered as a nurse so they can provide:

  • The dates you were registered in the jurisdiction
  • Your initial nursing program completion date
  • Any exams you were required to write to be granted registration
  • Information about any investigations into your professional conduct
  • Your current standing with the regulator

BCCNM Registration Services will send you the form to be completed by the regulator. They will also accept the standard form/certificate used by the regulator.

After BCCNM Registration Services has reviewed all your documents, they will share the final requirements that you must complete before are eligible for registration.

All applicants are required to successfully complete the regulatory exam; the need for other requirements (such as additional education or coursework) will be based on your individual circumstances.

If the BCCNM requires it, you will need to complete one of the courses below to learn about the Canadian context of practice and health system. (You can take the course at any time).

After BCCNM has confirmed that you completed one of the required courses (above), you will be eligible for provisional registration and will be required to complete a Transitional Practice Experience (TPE). A TPE will evaluate your current practice to ensure you can practice safely.

For your TPE, you must complete 250 hours of practice with one employer.

Prior to starting your TPE, you will have to consent to a Criminal Record Check (CRC).

You must be granted provisional registration by BCCNM before you start your TPE, and you must complete the TPE within one year of being granted provisional registration.

You will need to find your own employer for the purpose of completing the TPE; Health Match BC​ may be able to help you find an employer. Once you have confirmed a position with an employer, please provide your manager’s name and contact information to the registration monitoring consultant at

When you have completed 250 hours of practice, a representative of your employer (e.g. a supervisor, manager, nurse educator, or nurse leader) who has directly observed you and can evaluate your practice must complete a short BCCNM Employee Evaluation Form​. This form must be sent directly to BCCNM by the person completing the evaluation to

** Could also be completed after NCLEX examination.

Provisional license may be granted. Other education or practicum hours may be requested (as outlined in steps 9, and 10).

You should now receive an invitation to sit the NCLEX examination, then you will need to go online and book your examination time.

If you have already sat an NCLEX in USA or Australia, you will not be required to re-sit the exam.

Once you have completed the exam, and passed, you will receive an email from BCCNM (it is a PASS/FAIL mark). BCCNM has provided information on the examination and what it looks like when you pass, or fail.

If you have passed, you can now log into your BCCNM account, and apply/pay for your registration and license as a BC Registered Nurse.

If you have failed the examination, you must wait 45-days before you will be allowed to re-sit the NCLEX. There is no limit to the amount of times you can re-write this test.

*Note: You must ensure you maintain your required hours of practice and Continued Professional Development (CPD).

And that’s it! You’ve done it, congratulations!